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Running Away

The shadows and fog were swooping down,

Swiftly wrapped my mind and veiled my eyes.

All the voices around me stifle and drown,

My whole world was closing in, even the skies.

Lost within this dusk, no stars to usher my soul,

No hope to lead my heart to a brighter place.

Eros Sophia

Running away is a lovely feeling that often overwhelms me. Leaving everything behind, and never looking back. As I put more distance between myself and my life, everything starts to look smaller and smaller and eventually fading away.

I would start a new life, a life that would be carefully planned as to not cause me any new pain. A life that has the promise of joy and happiness. Creating an environment that is filled with hope and excitement.

Getting a new job, where I will finally do something I love to do, like write. Travel into isolated and exotic place just to be by myself and write. With no interruptions, without any distress.

To fly away, like a bird who’d been caged and finally embracing sweet freedom. Until I can learn to flap my wings, and summon the courage to flee, this is all a dream.


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