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Order from chaos

A new year has dawned upon us, hopefully it can quickly make us forget the woes of 2009. Things were truly crazy and chaotic, it really felt like everything was upside down last year. I hope that chapter is over and in this new year we can move past all the wackiness and muster some order.

I believe that we should try and find order from chaos ( Ordo Ab Chao) that’s in Latin. This concept of finding some form of order from chaos has been talked about since Galileo’s time. The idea is that things that seem to be chaotic and is influenced by too many things to be predicted can actually be predicted if you look at it in a different light.

While attending a sermon in a cathedral in Pisa, he got bored, so he kept himself busy by watching the cathedral’s candelabra which was swinging like a pendulum. It seemed chaotic how this thing would swing due to the numerous things that could effect it’s movement, but when he started timing the swinging movement against his own pulse he found out that it was predictable.

These discoveries by Galileo later inspired a lot of scientists after him, including Sir Isaac Newton.


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