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What a weird year!

I do not remember a year such as this, where I’ve been glued to my chair in front of the television, watching one befuddling event after the other.

It began with the Tunisian revolution, then the Egyptian, then the Yemeni revolution (which is still going), the mayhem in Bahrain, Japan’s super earthquake, powerful cyclones hitting the Australia, floods in different parts of the world, rivers rising up and over flowing, mysterious animal deaths in Arkansas, and finally the killing of Osama. What a year for the books, imagine the number of pages in the history books for the year 2011, and we’re still not half way through.

Lots of predictions about the end of life as we know it regardless of what you call it, be it Judgment Day, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, the Last Day, etc

The most imminent prediction is by a small group of Christians, who are foretelling that this day is going to dawn on us on the 21st of May, 2011! Imagine that, next week the world is over! Really would mess up your summer plans. The believers of this prediction are surely making drastic decisions about their last week on earth. I bet they are really praying devotedly to God, because the end is almost here to them.

Then we have the Mayan prediction of the last day coming next year, on the 21st of December 2012. It also got a lot of hype with the release of the movie “2012”. Just because their calendar is over, doesn’t mean there won’t be a new calendar, which will kick off right away.

This all reminds me of Y2K, when people thought that we were doomed on New Year’s Eve back in 1999. Then people started to laughing it off the next day, after sweating all night.

In Islam we pray five times a day, every day, and we pray each pray as it is our last. Regardless of your religion if you always pray as it is your last prayer you will always be prepared for Judgment day. And if you are an atheist, then you don’t even have to worry, you think you’re not going anywhere!


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Odd things to do

I often find myself searching for odd things to do, to kill time and ultimatly have fun. Little odd things you can do online like, googling “google” try it, the number of results are staggering. Something like 2.5 billion results in less than 0.05. Or try searching “Wikipedia” on wikipedia, that was an interesting read!

I also tend to talk to myself (when I am alone, of course), and I found out that I can make myself laugh out loud. Hysterically!

So what odd things do you do?

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Back from Recluse

I have been digitally and mentally away for almost six months, digitally away from anything e-related on a personal level, and mentally away, I did not feel like I knew who I was anymore or where was I headed. 

Life really has a weird way of giving lessons and opening your eyes to the bigger picture.

During my time out, I felt like fire was running through my veins, scorching my heart with every beat. Everything happening around me, everything was moving except me, I was completely still. If anything I was going around in mini-dizzying circles. I have lost all confidence in my self and self-respect.

I am back hoping to find myself along the way.

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Our planet is filled with pretentious and ostentatious people. It is almost impossible to find people who are genuine and pure these days.  If you’re lucky and ever get the chance to meet such an amazing human being, do not let go. If you hold on, you will find yourself witnessing something preternatural and wonderful. I say engross yourself in the moment, cherish it and pray to God it can last.

For years I have thrown my towel in surrender, that I could be happy again. Forgot what joy tasted like, how sweet and scintillating  life could be.

I finally feel that the dark clouds of sorrow will finally fade in the horizon, that the mesmerizing rainbow will finally tout its colours again.

All I can say that I’m happy due to the existence of this person in my life, in whichever form.

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Running Away

The shadows and fog were swooping down,

Swiftly wrapped my mind and veiled my eyes.

All the voices around me stifle and drown,

My whole world was closing in, even the skies.

Lost within this dusk, no stars to usher my soul,

No hope to lead my heart to a brighter place.

Eros Sophia

Running away is a lovely feeling that often overwhelms me. Leaving everything behind, and never looking back. As I put more distance between myself and my life, everything starts to look smaller and smaller and eventually fading away.

I would start a new life, a life that would be carefully planned as to not cause me any new pain. A life that has the promise of joy and happiness. Creating an environment that is filled with hope and excitement.

Getting a new job, where I will finally do something I love to do, like write. Travel into isolated and exotic place just to be by myself and write. With no interruptions, without any distress.

To fly away, like a bird who’d been caged and finally embracing sweet freedom. Until I can learn to flap my wings, and summon the courage to flee, this is all a dream.

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